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Lakewood Montessori School


951 Ne Wildwood Drive
Lees Summit, MO - 64064

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Registration Fee
Montessori Preschool I HallwayA registration fee for each child is payable upon enrollment. The fee is renewable each spring when your child is registered for the upcoming fall program. Registration fees are not refundable.

Programs and Fees
Half Day - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Extended Day - 9:00am to 3:30pm
Full Day - 6:30am to 6:30pm

Infants ( 6 weeks - 18 months ) Weekly Tuition
Half Day
Two Days: $ 105
Three Days: $ 135
Four Days: $ 170
Five Days: $ 180

Extended Day
Two Days: $ 115
Three Days: $ 165
Four Days: $ 190
Five Days: $ 220

Full Day
Two Days: $ 145
Three Days: $ 185
Four Days: $ 230
Five Days: $ 235

Toddlers ( 18 months - 2 years ) Weekly Tuition
Half Day
Two Days: $ 85
Three Days: $ 115
Four Days: $ 150
Five Days: $ 160

Extended Day
Two Days: $ 120
Three Days: $ 150
Four Days: $ 175
Five Days: $ 190

Full Day
Two Days: $ 125
Three Days: $ 170
Four Days: $ 220
Five Days: $ 230

Two Year Olds Weekly Tuition
Half Day
Two Days: $ 72
Three Days: $ 95
Four Days: $ 120
Five Days: $ 130

Extended Day
Two Days: $ 104
Three Days: $ 116
Four Days: $ 140
Five Days: $ 170

Full Day
Two Days: $ 120
Three Days: $ 140
Four Days: $ 165
Five Days: $ 180

Primary / Kindergarten ( 3 years - 6 years )Weekly Tuition
Half Day
Two Days: $ 65
Three Days: $ 87
Four Days: $ 110
Five Days: $ 120

Extended Day
Two Days: $ 90
Three Days: $ 100
Four Days: $ 125
Five Days: $ 150

Full Day
Two Days: $ 110
Three Days: $ 120
Four Days: $ 155
Five Days: $ 170

If you would like to change your child's schedule please let us know in advance as we have limited space.
Please note that you will not be billed. It is your responsibility to pay tuition on or before the first day of each week.
A sibling discount of 10% will be granted to families enrolling more than one child
Please note that we cannot accept cash or credit cards
No reduction in monthly tuition for the months with major holidays, snow days, or the days on which the entire facility is closed

A sibling discount of 10% will be granted to families enrolling more than one child. Please note that we can not accept cash or credit cards. There is no reduction in monthly tuition for the months with major holidays, snow days, or the days on which the entire facility is closed.

After your child's first year, Lakewood Montessori will inquire about your plans for the summer and fall sessions of the upcoming school year.

Current students are guaranteed continued placement.
If your child is taking the summer off; we will hold your space for the fall.
Siblings will automatically be given priority for the first available spaces before new families are enrolled.
There will be an early bird re-enrollment fee of $75.00 for each returning student.
New enrollments will pay a $100.00 registration fee.

Tuition Policy
Tuition rates are based on a full school year. The first month's tuition is due on the day your child's program begins. Tuition is due each following month by the fifth business day. A late fee is assessed for overdue tuition and a service fee is charged in the event that a check is returned.

Please talk to the Administrative Director if you are experiencing temporary financial conditions that make it difficult for you to make your tuition payments. Every effort to accommodate special circumstances will be made, but we may have to ask you not to bring your child to school until payment can be made. Tuition covers the regular school curriculum only; additional fees are assessed for the Enrichment Program and Extra Curriculum Program. No adjustments will be made in tuition for holidays, academic program closing days, emergency closing days or any other day your child does not attend school.

Party Fund
Lakewood Montessori will host several parties during the school year for our parents and children. We ask parents to contribute $25.00 per child toward the party fund for the entire year. If you would like to volunteer for the party committees, please see the signup sheets or contact the office.

Late Pick-up Fee
A late fee is assessed per child for each 15 minute interval or portion thereof for children picked up after closing time. If your child has not been picked up more than one hour late and we have been unable to contact anyone listed on your child's enrollment forms, we are required to contact Social Services who will pick up your child for safekeeping. Children become upset when parents are late picking them up. Please let us know if you will be late, so we can reassure your child.

About Lakewood Montessori School

Affiiation: Nonsectarian
Grades Prekindergarten - Kindergarten
Number of students: 134
Number of teachers: 4
Financial aid: none available

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