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Rfk Lancaster School


220 Old Common Road
Lancaster, MA - 01523

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$120,000 Date added: Jun 25, 2014
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Robert F. Kennedy Lancaster School is a state-approved special education school for youth in their long-term residential program on their Lancaster campus as well as off-campus students for day and after-school programs.

Youth who attend the day program have had many problems adjusting to regular school and need the support, attention and patience of experienced staff at Robert F. Kennedy School. The program strives to move each youth toward his or her grade level, promote healthy relationships with peers and staff, and instill educational and social confidence.

Robert F. Kennedy Lancaster School is an integrated program that includes education combined with therapeutic, recreational and social services.

Specific services include: Clinical services, Special education, Outdoor activities, Vocational arts, Adventure Education program.

Tuition for day school: $230 a day
Residential Center: $437.88 a day

About Rfk Lancaster School

Affiiation: Nonsectarian
Grades 2 - 11
Number of students: 50
Number of teachers: 13
Financial aid: none available

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