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Seton Primary School

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700 North A Street
Richmond, IN - 47374
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Seton Catholic School welcomes and serves students of all faiths in the Richmond area. Students of other faiths who wish to participate in our school program may apply and (as long as adequate room is available) may be admitted to Seton Catholic School regardless of race, creed, or national origin. Catholic schools have not been, nor shall they become, havens for those wishing to avoid social problems confronting them in the public sector. Grievance procedures for violation of any article of Part 86, Rules & Regulations, Title IX, Federal Education Amendments of 1972 are on file in the principal's office.

Kindergarten students must: (1) be five years old by August 1(Seton Rule); (2) present a birth certificate, immunization and health record completed by a physician, and baptismal record prior to the first day of school. (Non-Catholic students are not required to present a baptismal certificate.)

Registration for the upcoming school year is conducted each spring.

In order to serve our school families better, Preschool and After-School Care are additional programs available to the parents of 3 and 4-year-old Seton students.

Preschool is an additional extended day program for Seton 4 year old students.
Parents may enroll their 4-year-olds in this program if space is available. Class times and days will be determined by enrollment. The activities in Preschool are geared to the natural developmental stages of growth in the preschool aged child. Additional information, registration materials, and a fee schedule are available at the administrative office.

TUITION (Please contact the school directly for tuition prices)
Tuition Classifications:
Parishioner families are those registered at either St. Mary, St. Andrew, or Holy Family parishes here in Richmond, attend Sunday Mass regularly and use the weekly parish offering envelopes or use Parish Pay. The registration status and contributions are tracked by the Richmond Catholic Office and will determine your accounts parishioner/non-parishioner standing.

Non-Parishioner families include those families who are non-Catholic, those families not registered at a parish in Richmond, or families without a regular contribution at one of the before mentioned parishes.

Stipulations regarding tuition contracts and payments
Upon registration of a student, we request a $25.00 registration fee. The remainder of tuition can either be paid in full or paid through FACTS which collects funds through bank drafts from July - May of the year. Details about FACTS are within the registration materials or can be discussed with our bookkeeper at 765-962-4877.
In every event, no student shall be permitted to attend for the following academic year until such time as the tuition obligation from the prior academic year is fully satisfied.
On June 1st of each year, all accounts delinquent in tuition payments will be turned over to an attorney employed by the Richmond Catholic Office for collection through the Wayne Superior Court III, Small Claims Division. Attorney fees incurred as a result of this action shall be paid by the parent/guardian pursuant to the terms of the tuition contract the parent/guardian shall have signed when this agreement was initiated. It shall be the sole responsibility of the attorney to recover any attorney fees from said parent/guardian. Seton Catholic Elementary School, nor the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Mary, or Holy Family, or any of its agents, shall be responsible for said attorney fees in the event legal proceedings are initiated. The amount claimed in this cause of action should consist of the filing fee incurred in initiating the action, the full amount of the delinquent account, interest from date the delinquent payment was due, and (when applicable) reasonable attorney fees.

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